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E-One Arsip - PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta (AYAXX)
Terbit : 16 Januari 2012 | Kat : E-One / Harga Mobil Pemadam / Harga Mobil Pemadam Kebakaran / Harga Truk Pemadam Kebakaran / Jenis Mobil Pemadam Kebakaran / Jenis Truk Pemadam Kebakaran / Jual Mobil Pemadam / Jual Mobil Pemadam Kebakaran / Mobil Kebakaran Indonesia / Mobil Pemadam / Mobil Pemadam Kebakaran / Nama Mobil Pemadam Kebakaran / Pemadam Kebakaran Indonesia / Titan Force / Truk Pemadam Kebakaran / Truk Pemadam Kebakaran Indonesia


For almost 30 years, E-ONE has been an industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) apparatus world-wide. The newly redesigned Titan Force ARFF vehicles continue that tradition of excellence. The all new Titan Force 6×6 exceeds industry standards with both safety and comfort in mind. The cabin boasts an unsurpassed static roof load...

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