Fire Fighting Equipment The best From Indonesia

Fire Fighting Equipment The best From Indonesia


FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT The best From Indonesia. Fireman jacket, fire helmet, fire extinguisher, portable pump,Interspiro SCBA, Interspiro masks, TNT Rescue tools and others fire fighting equipment. The best Indonesian Fire truck manufacturer, PT Pundarika Atma Semesta, which has been producing Indonesian damkar cars with the AYAXX brand (Quality & Quality) using CNC machines and welding robots, Since 1996 the Indonesian AYAXX Fire truck production uses the NFPA standard. Supported by skilled workforce in the field of Fire Truck AYAXX successfully marketed under the AYAXX brand throughout Indonesia. Has a total area of 30,000M2 factory located in Gunung Putri Bogor Indonesia. For 25 years Indonesian Fire truck AYAXX is able to provide the best service with quality products and quality.


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In addition to producing AYAXX fire trucks, we also sell fire, safety and rescue equipment. We are the sole agent in Indonesia for the DARLEY and TNT brands. Since 1996 PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta has succeeded in marketing fire fighting equipment produck throughout Indonesia by prioritizing customer satisfaction in providing the best service.


Fire fighting equipment

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