Fire Truck AYAXX Manufacuturer Indonesia.

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FIRE TRUCK INDONESIA AYAXX, PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta is a company from Indonesia that manufactures the leading fire truck, fire engine in best quality and best after sales service. Fire truck INDONESIA Manufacturer established in 1996 , original Indonesian Fire Extinguisher Cars. The factory is located in Gunung Putri Kab. Bogor, West Java.

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Contact our marketing immediately for info on vehicle specification prices or send procurement offers to our email. warranty products uses the production of international standards, Here are examples of AYAXX fire truck products and their uses:

1.City Fire Truck.
This fire engine is specifically designed to extinguish various types of fire in a fairly narrow location with the ability to spray strong enough to extinguish a medium-sized fire while the City Fire Truck has a variety of sizes to suit the needs of JA 3000 / 4000L, JA 5000 / 6000L, and JA 10,000 / 12,000L.

fire truck indonesia ayaxx
AYAXX Fire truck Indonesia

2. Rescue Truck
Emergency Rescue Truck functions to save disaster victims in developed countries, Rescue function is needed by the community such as helping fire officers to catch snakes and other emergency matters, but in Indonesia it is still not optimal only limited to helping other department’s work such as assisting information when cleaning the waterways to help pump water that is flooded with its core is still widely used by the private sector.

fire truck Indonesia

3.Fire Jeep
Is a tactical car that is intended to help first aid in locations that are difficult to reach by large-sized vehicles. The equipment owned by this car is not inferior to the damkar car in general.

fire truck Indonesia

fire truck Indonesia

4. Fire Ladder
Fire Ladder Truck can function to save disaster victims in developed countries, Rescue function is needed by the community such as helping fire officers at high-rise building locations and having a large number of floors so it is not affordable by standard fire trucks, in Indonesia we produce these vehicles with advanced technology using a robot system engine.

fire truck Indonesia

fire truck Indonesia

This type of AYAXX fire ladder is equipped with an automatic ladder that can be used to extinguish a multi-storey building area. And can also be used as a rescue vehicle for fire victims in high-rise buildings, the height of automatic stairs can reach 55 meters or even more than that depending on customer demand for the high number of automatic stairs to be used.

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