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This is a real fire engine manufacturer from Indonesia, not a toy. - PT. Pundarika Atma Semesta (AYAXX)
This is a real fire engine manufacturer from Indonesia, not a toy.

This is a real fire engine manufacturer from Indonesia, not a toy.

Who doesn’t know a fire engine? This car is often encountered when there is a fire in a building, residential or otherwise. A fire engine or fire truck is a motorized vehicle, be it a truck or other type of four-wheeled car that has been fitted with a pump engine to function during the fire fighting process. 

Maybe some of you are familiar with TOY FIRE EXTINGUISHING CARS on the internet, which is being discussed this time the factory of real fire engine cars is not a toy.

The Indonesian fire engine factory which has successfully marketed its products for 25 years is PT Pundarika Atma Semesta, a company engaged in the industrial production of fire engine car body in Indonesia under the AYAXX (Quality & Quality) brand. AYAXX (Quality & Quality) damkar car is produced to meet the needs of fire engine units in Government and also in private companies in Indonesia and the world. AYAXX (Quality & Quality) fire engine factory produces vehicles: Fire trucks, Fire Ladder, Fire jeep, Water Supply truck, Airport Crash Tender, Fire Engine, Rescue truck. In addition to producing AYAXX (Quality & Quality) fire engines, we are also capable of reconditioning old or damaged fire engines. Our focus is besides producing FIRE TRUCK INDONESIA under the AYAXX brand (Quality & Quality), PT Pundarika Atma Semesta also sells fire fighting equipment and equipment and rescue tools. Being the sole agent in Indonesia with well-known international brands, namely DARLEY and TNT Rescue Tools, we guarantee the quality of the products we offer for customer satisfaction.

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PT Pundarika Atma Semesta is a car body factory for Indonesian fire fighting cars which has the best production equipment in Indonesia. Equipped with a CNC machine and two units of robotic welding machines, the AYAXX fire engine products are the best quality in Indonesia. Has a factory location in the Gunung Putri Bogor area, West Java with a total area of ​​30,000 M2. Supported by a professional marketing team since 1996, the AYAXX damkar car products have been successfully marketed throughout Indonesia both in local governments and in private companies.

That’s a little info on a real fire engine factory, not a toy with the AYAXX brand that has been successful for 25 years in Indonesia.

Immediately contact the AYAXX Indonesian Fire truck marketing team to get more detailed information about the AYAXX fire engine. Also get the best price offer for those of you who are looking to purchase AYAXX damkar car products.

Contact AYAXX fire engine manufacturer immediately (Only on weekdays Monday-Friday):

Call: +6221-42886070 (Hot Line)

Whatsapp Chat: +6281389548006 (Chat Only)

Email: info@pundarika.co.id


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